The advanced fibre non wovens supplied by CHM Composites range from light weight surfacing veils to heavier semi structural reinforcements. Made from a wide range of synthetic fibres, our product range includes veils and mats made from:-

  • carbon and nickel coated carbon and glass
  • meta and para aramid
  • polyester, nylon and PAN
  • pre-oxidised PAN and rayon
  • Dyneema, phenolic, polyimide and viscose
  • blended fibres

Our technical fibre products can be used to impart high quality surface finish and surface micro-crack suppression or to increase inter-laminar shear strength, surface conductivity or corrosion resistance. They can also be used to increase abrasion, impact and fatigue resistance or to control specific properties in applications such as radar signature management, EMI shielding and antistatic protection.

Weldtex and Chemitex are used in tank and pipe manufacture for thermoplastic weld testing, enhanced corrosion resistance and surface static dissipation.

We supply products for use in a wide range of industrial applications such as pultruded handrails, walkways, cable trays, cable ladders etc., EMI shielding applications, composite roll covers, honeycomb facing papers, circuit board reinforcement, fuel cell components and thin film adhesive substrates.  Conductive product applications include surface static dissipation, EMI/RFI shielding, radar signature management, heating elements and de-icing systems. Our products are used in a wide range of sports goods applications to improve aesthetics, impact and wear resistance and inter-laminar shear strength.


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