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CHM Composites is a UK based business offering a range of products and services to the composites industry. Our main areas of activity are as follows:-

Technical non wovens

In association with a number of non woven manufacturers CHM Composites supplies a wide range of technical non wovens manufactured using a number of recognised processes. These include:-

  • Wet laid
  • Spunlaced (hydro entangled)
  • Needlepunched
  • Spunbonded

Technical narrow fabrics

CHM Composites works closely with the composites division of M Wright & Sons, to design and manufacture a range of narrow fabrics for composites applications based on carbon, glass, aramid, basalt and ceramic fibres.

3D woven preforms

The 3DS division of M Wright & Sons Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of 3D woven structures with complex fibre architectures for resin infusion and RTM processing.

Milled and pulped carbon and aramid fibres

CHM Composites supplies a range of milled carbon fibre and milled and dry-pulped aramid fibres

Recycling of waste and surplus carbon and aramid

CHM Composites can arrange the purchase of waste and surplus carbon, aramid and other performance fibres for recycling and re-use

Technical authorship

In association with James Quinn Associates and MG Composites, CHM Composites are preparing to launch a number of documents offering an introduction into the use of composites.


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